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Wedding Gown Preservation


For over 70 years Varsity Cleaners has been cleaning, pressing, and preserving wedding gowns. While the process has changed over the years, our commitment to a quality finished garment has not. Technological advances in equipment, detergents and gown construction materials have changed how we process your wedding gown, making it more likely we can restore your gown to its original state before your wedding, and less likely to fade or yellow as time goes by. Every year we process between 400 and 500 wedding gowns.

At Varsity Cleaners you have a choice regarding what to do with your gown after your wedding. If you wish to keep your gown, it is strongly recommended you at least have it professionally cleaned since any visible or un-visible stains will penetrate the material, exaggerating discoloration, and making it very difficult to remove the stains at a later time. You can have your gown processed as “Clean Only”. We will pre-spot your gown, wetclean or dryclean, and return it to you bag on a hanger. You can have your gown “Clean and Pressed”. Your gown will be pre-spotted, wetclean or dryclean,pressed or steamed and returned, bagged on a hanger. “Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box”- The preferred wedding gown cleaning and preservation alternative is the Keepsafe Package.  We will pre-spot your gown, wetclean or dryclean, then place in the Keepsafe pack layered with acid free tissue paper.

The Perfect Package

The Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box provides the protection essential to your heirlooms while offering an elegant package to showcase them. The features of this system ensure your gown will withstand the test of time and provide you with peace of mind.

  • Latch on the outer box features a Velcro closure that makes the box much easier to open and close.
  • The unique viewing window lets you looks at your dress without disturbing the package.
  • The sturdy double-reinforced construction prevents your gown from being crushed or damaged.
  • Bust form holds your upper gown’s shape
  • Acid-free tissue paper helps prevent yellowing and fabric weakness.

Important Facts You Should Know About Caring For Your Gown

  • Avoid leaving the dress on a hanger which can ruin the shape, or in a plastic bag which can retain moisture or cause yellowing.
  • Get your gown cleaned or preserved as soon as possible to ward off irreversible damage.
  • After preservation, store your dress in a dry, cool environment. Avoid basements, musty attics and direct sunlight. Pack accessories separately to avoid discoloring your gown.

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