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Transform Your Wardrobe & Home with Varsity Cleaners

garment bag

Effortless Dry Cleaning & Alterations

Upgrade your look with ease! At Varsity Cleaners, our skilled team is dedicated to making your garments look impeccable. From suits to dresses, and even bedspreads, we've got you covered. Our industry-standard perchlorethylene solvent and meticulous pre-spotting ensure your items are flawlessly clean and crisply pressed. Need a quick turnaround? No problem – we prioritize your busy schedule.

charge account

One-Stop Convenience with In-House Charge Accounts

Simplify your monthly dry cleaning routine. Our In-House Charge Accounts let you manage all your cleaning needs with a single, convenient payment at the end of each month. Whether it’s a drop-off or pick-up, we handle it all. Ready to simplify your life? Sign up now and discover the ease of our comprehensive service!

delivery truck

Seamless Pick-Up & Delivery – On Your Schedule

Our free pick-up and delivery service covers a wide area, ensuring convenience is always within your reach. With established routes and responsive call-in pickups, we adapt to your lifestyle. In metro areas, enjoy next-day delivery for those urgent needs.

washing machine

Laundry Services: Your Time, Reclaimed

Say goodbye to laundry day. Drop off your items and let us take over with our wash, dry, and fold service. We cater to a variety of garments, from dress shirts to delicate pieces, with customizable starch preferences. Experience the comfort of professionally laundered clothes, tailored to your taste.

sewing machine

Expert Alterations for a Perfect Fit

Alterations are more than just adjustments; they’re about achieving the perfect fit for your unique style. Our experienced seamstress will guide you through fitting and suggest the best alterations, from zipper replacements to button sewing. Visit our fitting room and revitalize your wardrobe.

wedding dress

Wedding Gowns & Formal Attire: Preserved Perfection

Make your special memories last with our wedding gown and formal attire services. From cleaning and pressing to preservation in our exclusive “Keepsake Wedding Gown Box,” we ensure your cherished garments remain timeless.


Drape and Curtain Revival

Transform your home with our drape and curtain cleaning. We meticulously measure, clean and press your drapes, and finish with the original pleat press and even hem length, just like new.


Feather Pillow Renewal

Enjoy rejuvenated comfort with our feather pillow cleaning system. We clean and sanitize your feathers, and refill them into a new cotton ticking to your preferred firmness, ensuring a perfect night’s sleep.

Ready to elevate your wardrobe and home?

Contact Varsity Cleaners today and experience the difference!

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Cherished Wedding Gown Preservation

wedding gown in box

Celebrating Over 70 Years of Expertise in Gown Care

Varsity Cleaners has been a trusted name in wedding gown preservation for over 70 years. With our blend of traditional care and modern techniques, we ensure your gown looks as beautiful as it did on your wedding day.

Options Tailored for Your Treasured Gown

  • Clean Only: We remove any stains and return your gown in pristine condition, bagged and on a hanger.

  • Clean and Pressed: In addition to cleaning, we hand-press your gown for a flawless finish, returning it bagged and on a hanger.
  • Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box: Our premier choice for preserving your gown, the Keepsafe Package offers ultimate protection.

The Keepsafe Wedding Gown Box: Ultimate Protection

  • Easy-Open Velcro Closure: The box is designed for easy access without damaging the gown.
  • Viewing Window: Admire your gown anytime through a special window without disturbing it.
  • Sturdy Construction: Ensures your gown stays safe and uncrushed.
  • Bust Form: Maintains the shape of the upper part of your gown.
  • Acid-Free Tissue Paper: Prevents yellowing and keeps the fabric strong.

Essential Gown Care Tips

  • Avoid long-term hanging and plastic bags to prevent damage and yellowing.
  • Prompt cleaning or preservation is key to maintaining your gown’s beauty.
  • Store your preserved gown in a cool, dry place away from harsh environments.
  • Keep accessories separate to avoid any discoloration to your gown.

Choose Varsity Cleaners for your wedding gown preservation and trust us to care for your special dress as if it were our own.

Careful Steps We Take at Varsity Cleaners
to Preserve Your Wedding Gown

Step 1: Pre-Spotting for a Flawless Clean

Before cleaning, we meticulously inspect your gown for stains and marks. Our expert pre-spotting process ensures that all dirt and grime are removed, making our cleaning more effective and setting us apart from other services.

dress step 1
Step 2: Preparing the Preservation Box

Once cleaned, we begin preparing the Keepsafe Box for storage. We line the box with acid-free tissue to shield your gown from aging effects like yellowing and fabric weakening.

dress step 2
Steps 3 & 4: Careful Folding and Fitting

Your gown is carefully folded with layers of acid-free tissue to minimize wrinkling. We use two different box sizes to ensure a perfect fit for your gown, keeping it neatly in place.

dress step 3 and 4

Steps 5 & 6: Adding Bust Support

We wrap additional acid-free tissue around the bust support and insert it into the gown to maintain its shape and display it beautifully.

dress step 5 and 6

Steps 7 & 8: Securing and Sealing the Box

The display window of the box is then secured over your gown and latched. We use heavy-duty tape to seal the box, ensuring long-term preservation. The entire box is then placed into a storage box for added protection.

dress step 7 and 8

Viewing Your Gown

You can easily view your gown through the Keepsafe Box's window. After viewing, simply return the gown to its storage box and reseal it for continued preservation. With these meticulous steps, Varsity Cleaners ensures your wedding gown remains a cherished and well-preserved keepsake.